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Volume 15-05
This edition of the Mike Schneider Newsletter begins with a few pieces of good news. First, I sincerely hope you’ll be able to join me at the St. Aloysius Parish Festival on Sunday, May 31 as I celebrate my 20th year of performing there. The late Noyes Lane was instrumental in getting me in the lineup back in 1996. It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed and we’re still fortunate enough to be included in their festivities. Help support this great parish and what has become a tremendous annual tradition for us with your attendance later this month! Get all the details on the Schedule page at See you there!

Second, I’m equally pleased to announce we’ll be back at a few local concerts in the park again this year, including West Allis on July 30 and in Hustisford on August 11. I hope to have details on both events posted to the Schedule page at shortly, if they aren’t already by the time you read this. We’ll also be returning to the Schwabenhof again on Sunday, August 30; Oak Creek Lions on September 4 and 6; and our old home parish St. Gregory the Great on Sunday, September 13. Looking forward to a great summer ahead for the Mike Schneider Band!

Pint Size Polkas again dominates my summer schedule, including visits to libraries and events in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to returning to Summerfest in Milwaukee for my sixth straight year, as well! Look for us on the Kids Stage on July 2 and 3. I have numerous school shows this month, as well, plus the Menomonie Public Library this Thursday evening, our sixth annual appearance at Cutler Park for “Pizza, Polkas and Preschool Art in the Park” on May 19, and the Glen Carbon Public Library on May 30. Spring and summer are shaping up nicely, and I look forward to seeing you somewhere along the Pint Size Polkas trail!

Also, I’m happy to report that my Mom somehow continues to do well in her battle with cancer. Her appetite is remaining steady and she’s generally in good spirits. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. The doctors were confident she would not make it through the winter, but she’s beaten those odds as well as several others that have stacked against her along the way. We’re hoping she continues to do well. Thank you again for your support!

In two small pieces of less than great news, after more than a decade of performances at both the Hiawatha Ballroom and Pulaski Inn, both are hanging a bit in the balance. First, please help us celebrate a great run at the Hiawatha Ballroom on Sunday, May 17, as we mark what will likely be our last performance there. Bill and Hazel Schend have done a great job running those dances for the last 15 or so years, bringing in top local bands as well as some impressive out-of-state talent, such as one very memorable afternoon I recall with Jack Tady, Fred Gregorich and Brian O’Boyle. I hope to see you there on May 17 to give the Hiawatha Ballroom and Bill and Hazel the fantastic farewell they’ve earned for their many years supporting polka music. And who knows? Maybe if the crowds are big enough in the final few weeks, they’ll keep going! We can hope, right?

Regarding Pulaski Inn, I was disappointed to learn last month that we would no longer be doing our usual monthly Wednesday afternoon performances there, instead playing any time there is a fifth Wednesday. I’d like to wish the patrons and bands there all the best, as well as Carol Lee Miller, who recently took over band booking duties and is in charge of the current schedule. The next time we’ll be there is July 29. Hope to see you then!

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Until next month, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mike Schneider
Uncle Mike and his Polka Band

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