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Volume 15-11
Remember me? It's been way too long since my last update. Needless to say, with the passing of both my parents over the last year, the last few months have proven to be very challenging in a multitude of ways. However, we're making progress - thank you for your patience and continued support!

Now onto some good news! First, earlier this month the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame honored and surprised me with awards in two categories, Youth Mentor and Support & Promotion. Due to a family commitment I unfortunately wasn't able to attend the awards show in Johnsonville. I'd like to thank Greg Drust for accepting on my behalf, and would especially like to thank the Hall of Fame for recognizing the work I've been doing with Pint Size Polkas. I'm so glad to have the job I do, making a living travelling the country entertaining and educating families through the happy sounds of polka music. To receive two awards because of this work is a tremendous honor. Thank you to the Hall of Fame and to everyone who has supported my endeavors over the years with the Mike Schneider band and more recently Pint Size Polkas!

My good news translates into good news for you! I'm now a five-time Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame Inductee, so I thought it might be a good idea to run a $5 sale on all CD titles now through December 5. For all Mike Schneider Band and Pint Size Polkas CDs, just go to$5. Shipping charges remain the same as always. So whether you want to get some CDs for yourself, or maybe have been sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to give a copy of Pint Size Polkas Volume One to the kid down the street, there is no better time than right now to stock up! This very special $5 CD sale ends December 5, so make your purchase today! And no worries - orders placed within this timeframe are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!

In other news, my summer schedule is starting to book up, including a rather pleasant number of library bookings right here in Wisconsin. It's looking at this point like additional stops may include Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, plus I'd be very surprised if I didn't have at least a few bookings in Illinois and Minnesota. Looking forward to what should be another great summer on the road!

In the meantime, be sure to join me for another round of Holiday fun at the Flagg-Rochelle Public Library next week Friday, December 4 starting at 6:00 PM. Then on Sunday, December 6, join us at the annual Wisconsin Polka Boosters Christmas Dinner Dance at the Pulaski Inn in Cudahy starting at 11:30 AM. Call Vern or Shirley at (262) 255-2191 for all the details and to make your reservations. I say this every year, but it really is one of the best Holiday parties a polka fan could attend. Great food, a large wooden dance floor, wonderful people, and hopefully some good music, too! Then on December 11 and 12 we'll be playing our final Essen Haus dates until August 2016, which at this point are the only dates we'll be there next year. If you'd like to see us there more in the future, please call the Essen Haus at (608) 255-4674 and ask for Neale.

As always, be sure to join our growing list of fans on Facebook here, or the Mike Schneider Band here. Once you’re there, click the Like button at the top of the page.

That's all for this edition. Best wishes to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving and a great start to your Holiday Season!

Mike Schneider
Uncle Mike and his Polka Band

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