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Volume 16-01
July 24, 2015 marked the passing of my Mom, Nancy Schneider. Needless to say, with my Dad passing less than nine months earlier, 2015 proved to be a very difficult year. While my Dad was the accordion player in the family, my Mom had a big hand in planting the seeds for a love of music early on in my life. Even though I was very young at the time, I can still remember my Mom playing her piano on an almost daily basis until rheumatoid arthritis set in. Over the past year as my family and I watched her cancer progress, I was - and continue to be - amazed by her resilience. She very rarely complained about anything other than an occasional less than desirable meal. I'm so grateful she left us with such positive lasting memories, as I am to everyone who's expressed their support over this past difficult year. Thank you!

Onto happier news, despite the turmoil in other areas of my life, 2015 proved to be another great year professionally. For Pint Size Polkas, my travels included return trips to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, and Wisconsin. One of my favorite stops in 2016 was northeastern Minnesota, where I had the chance to play a couple dozen libraries this past July. With everything going on behind the scenes, I couldn't ask for a friendlier group of librarians and patrons to work with, plus the scenery (and golf) was spectacular!

In November I was honored to be the recipient of two awards from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame in the Youth Mentor and Support/Promotion categories. My sincere thanks to Greg Drust for accepting the awards on my behalf, and to the Polka Hall of Fame and its membership for recognizing my work as a bandleader and with Pint Size Polkas. To be able to make a living doing something I love is a thrill in and of itself. To be honored for that work is a tremendous privilege. Thank you!

I'm excited to say that the summer of 2016 is shaping up to be another busy one, indeed! I have commitments from libraries in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin, plus will likely also be including at least one library in Maryland as part of my East Coast tour in July. I would be surprised if I also don't find myself back in Illinois sometime next summer for a few more Pint Size Polkas shows.

For the Mike Schneider Band, I'm also happy to announce that we'll be back at the Dubuque Octoberfest on October 8 and 9, likely including their Sunday morning Polka Mass. We've enjoyed ourselves there very much in two previous appearances and look forward to returning again this Fall! We're also looking forward to return visits to St. Gregory the Great in September and the Wisconsin Polka Boosters Christmas Party in December, among more of your favorite venues still to be announced.

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See you soon!

Mike Schneider
Uncle Mike and his Polka Band

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