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Volume 17-12

November was a big month for the Mike Schneider Band and for Pint Size Polkas, and also for Heather and me personally. Early in the month, we celebrated 10 years of marriage. Neither of us can believe it's been 10 years. But we're very grateful for that time together, and look forward to the decades still to come!

Thanksgiving weekend my family and I attended the awards show held by the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame in Downtown Cleveland, OH, where I was honored to accept the award for Best New Song for "Happy Polka Day." Much to my surprise, I was also asked to perform the song on stage during the show, although admittedly somewhat uncomfortably without my accordion because I hadn't been informed that I would be performing in the show until that morning when we were already on our way. Whoops! But the All Star Band did a great job with the song. Thanks again to everyone who supported Happy Polka Day with a nomination or a vote! And of course, for more information or to purchase your copy of Happy Polka Day, please visit the Music page at

My schedule for the summer has grown by leaps and bounds since my last email, reaching 90 bookings as of the time of this writing. In fact, while I have numerous openings left to fill, I have at least one library show every weekday from the first week of June through the first week of August. I'm really hoping to hit 100 shows by the end of the year, and hopefully surpass the 125 show mark for the first time in a few years as more bookings come in over the winter and early spring. Be sure to stay tuned to the Events page as I plan to update the schedule there within the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll be performing at a library near you in 2018!

Looking for a place to hear the Mike Schneider Band outside of our busy summer festival and Oktoberfest seasons has gotten a little bit easier thanks to more bookings at the Old German Beer Hall in Downtown Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Moose Lodge. Hope to see you at one of these venues in the weeks and months to come!

As always, be sure to join our growing list of fans on Facebook here, or the Mike Schneider Band here. Once you’re there, click the Like button at the top of the page.

That's all for this month. Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases, and best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year ahead! Talk to you again in 2018!

Mike Schneider
Uncle Mike and his Polka Band

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